Travel And Tourism Management Is A Booming Sector

The travel and tourism management is nothing but a detailed study of the skills and knowledge that are needed to manage one of the most exciting and greatest industries of the world. The direct influence of travel and tourism to GDP shows the �internal’ expenditure on travel and tourism in addition to the government’s spending individually on travel and tourism services directly related to participants and visitors, both cultural and recreational. The straight contribution of tourism and travel to GDP is counted to be compatible with the output, as revealed in National Accounting, of tourism related sectors such as airports, hotels, airlines, travel agents, recreation and leisure services that is directly concerned with tourists.

In most of the countries around the world the travel and tourism is a vital economic activity. Besides its direct impact on the economy, this industry has remarkable induced and indirect impacts. The tourism statistics accounting methodology (TSA), approved by UN Statistics division, calculates only the direct contribution of this industry. But the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) believes that there is greater contribution of this industry to the economy. Thus it tries to gauge its induced and indirect impacts also through its annual research.

According to the WTTC, this industry generated 98,031,500 jobs directly in 2011 and it is supposed to increase by 2.3% in 2012 to 100,292,000. The statistics involve employment at hotels, airlines, travel agency, and some other transportation services for passengers. The various jobs at restaurants and other leisure industries are also included here. By 2022, this industry will be responsible for providing 120,470,000 jobs directly. It refers to an increase of 1.9% annually over the next ten years. The travel and tourism is divided into many components � leisure and business travel, foreign visitor and domestic visitor; the direct, induced and indirect travel.

Keeping in view of all the facts stated above, the travel and tourism courses are attracting a lot of young enthusiasts. A degree in this field offers knowledge of the vast economic and social issues linked to these areas. The multi-faceted features of the course require strong managerial and communication skills. A graduate in this field should be able to demonstrate a deep understanding of the laws essential for efficient tourism management, the capability to analyze the pros and cons of tourism, awareness of activities in the private sectors together with knowledge of the public and non-profit organizations, a combination of academic and vocational skills and knowledge, an understanding of international tourism and many more.

There are various career options when it is a matter of working in the field of hospitality. Training will make a student ready to work in the hospitality sector as travel and tourism manager, travel agents, travel coordinators, travel clerks, and many other careers in this field. An accredited diploma in tourism management will provide students the chance to obtain the quality education which is very relevant to get a responsible and lucrative position. The Applied professional Training institute in Kolkata has introduced some well designed travel and tourism courses.

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A Quick Overview Of Work Travel Australia

Work Travel Australia is a concept that is most popularly known amongst youngsters all over the world as this particular age group wants to take every bit of opportunity to explore life and all that it has to offer before finally channelizing his or her future into something more stable. Thus taking a Gap Year is a new term that has suddenly caught on like wild fire.

There are many who want to explore the country right from one corner to the other and this is only possible if one spends a considerable amount time out there. So, to get that kind of free time to travel at will certainly calls for taking a temporary break from all activities like pursuing a degree or undergoing training professionally.

However, taking a Gap Year also means taking a break from all other activities that one used to do while living a normal life of study, work and leisure.Thus, if one puts in a lot of money in the planned holiday to Australia there is a certain planning required so as to be able to earn money while travelling the vast country from one corner to the other.

However, if one is taking a Gap Year just to enjoy your stay here and actually take some time out for a leisurely holiday then one can always join in for some voluntary work while travelling into the beautiful and exotic country.

There are quite a number of places in Australia that involve travellers to join in for some voluntary services. Voluntary services are activities that the person chooses willingly in order to be of some help to the country he is travelling to. There are no payments given for voluntary services and the experience simply gives a rich experience of being of some help to the area that he is contributing in.

Many NGO’s offer opportunities to travellers who wish to contribute to the social, environmental and cultural aspects of Australia. Apart from these areas a lot of help can be extended in the conservation of the wildlife there which enables the spreading of the message to treat animals with love and dignity and spread the awareness about animal rights and so on. Thus, in order to actually contribute in terms of kind like providing love, care and understanding the different aspects of Australian life is a great option for many a Gap Year seeking people.

Work Travel Australia is certainly one of the biggest ever options that young people are turning to. Taking a Gap Year is certainly a well deserved and a must holiday for them. This break, apart from giving them an experience of a lifetime by enabling involvement in social services, voluntary services or taking up jobs in between beaks to be able to finance the trip or even to earn some extra money during the trip also allows them to retrospect their lives and try to understand what exactly they want in their lives. The trip during Gap Year helps to re-organize their lives.

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Getting The Best Positions With Tourism Management Courses

The travel and tourism industry does not, sometimes pay according to ones expectation, at least in few levels. Entry level, bottom of the pile or junior style jobs in the leisure industry usually give an hourly rate that comes in just above minimum wage, with long working hours and unsociable shift patterns. Management positions in the same industry pay much better � usually salaried, with better shift patterns, more holiday time and a lot of perks. Studying tourism management courses as part of a travel and tourism diploma can be an excellent way to beat the band � to get ahead of the crowd and land a job in the industry that pays a decent living wage.

It doesn’t take a lot of experience to manage in the travel and tourism industries. What employers look for, when they come to hire new management, are two things: application and intelligence. By that, they mean evidence of staying power and evidence that the candidate is able to think well for him or her self. The tourism management courses that run as part of a travel and tourism diploma can deliver on both counts, because the act of taking the course, and achieving the diploma, argues for a staying power and intelligence that can swing the balance in the favour of the diploma holder.

A course in tourism management gives the course attendee a thorough working knowledge of everything to do with customer relations and staff management. Both habits require a similar form of discipline � so candidates suited to the course are likely to be well suited to the job. Customer management is of course a huge part of the travel and tourism industry � and hence of a travel and tourism diploma. Customers are the whole basis of travel and tourism: learning how to manage them correctly is an essential skill, and one that rapidly puts a candidate at the head of the pile for managerial employment or promotion.

Tourism management courses teach the invaluable skills of people management, which is essentially what both customer relations and staff management boil down to. A manager in the travel and tourism industry needs to be able to make staff and customers do what he or she needs them to do, without making them think that he or she is giving orders. It’s a neat trick, in which potential complainers or difficult staff are persuaded to enter into an arrangement of mutual favour giving: a �do this for me and I’ll do this for you� kind of thing. The travel and tourism diploma, in its management components, starts training candidates in this style of person management: so any company who sees that one of its employees or applicants has the tourism management courses component of a diploma will favour them when it comes to promotional consideration.

Managing is really the only long term option in the travel and tourism industries. Front line jobs simply don’t pay enough, or give enough opportunity for rest and sleep, to be a viable career over years. It’s only a short step up the ladder to a much more satisfying and remunerative job. Gain a travel and tourism diploma with management as part of it and the world will be your oyster.

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